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About Us

Meet our Skin & Body Clinic Therapists:

Janine Thomson - Owner & Full-time Therapist Janine Thomson

Owner and Full-time Skin Therapist

  • Janine established The Skin & Body Clinic in 1993
  • Owner & full time skin therapist at The Skin & Body Clinic
  • Distributor & Trainer for Lamprobe SA (PTY) LTD since 2011
  • 3 year Nat Diploma in Somatology
  • SAAHSP & CIDESCO qualifications
  • Was part-time lecturer at WITS Technikon in 1995/1996
  • Sat on SAAHSP Board in 1990's
  • Lectures Advanced Skin Courses for Somatologists and Medical Aesthetic Doctors
  • Trains Somatologists in Electrolysis and Electrotherapy
  • Trains Somatologists and Medical Aesthetic Doctors on the Recognition & Removal of Minor Skin Lesions

Megan Reilly - Full-time Advanced Therapist Megan Reilly

Full-time Advanced Therapist in Medical Aesthetic Treatments

  • 2 year qualification in Somatology.
  • ITEC and CIDESCO Qualifications.
  • Employed at The Skin & Body Clinic from 2007.
  • Specialises in IPL Hair Removal, Facial Treatments, Skin Rejuvenation Treatments, Dermarolling, and problematic skin conditions.

Nancy - Full-time Therapist Nancy Sibanda

Full-time Therapist

  • 2 year qualification in Advanced Beauty Therapy.
  • SETA & City and Guilds.
  • Specialises in all Massages, Skin Peels, Acrylic Nails, Manicures, Pedicures and Babor Facial Therapy and IPL Hair Removal.
  • Skin & Body & Medical Aesthetic Treatments

We are all dedicated to deliver you the best

treatments and service in a

caring and professional environment.

What We Offer

We are all dedicated to deliver you the best treatments and service in a caring and professional environment.

  • Established in 1993
  • Personalised skin clinic
  • Professional & hygienic
  • Hosts latest technology
  • Results orientated
  • FREE Assessments


  • "I visited a Dermatologist in Sandton and she advised me that my Keratosis that I had all on my face, neck & chest were all benign and that nothing could be done about them and that I needed to just live them. Previously I had some burnt off with Liquid Nitrogen but they returned after this treatment. I was advised to go to Janine for electro-desicattion treatment with the Lamprobe. Her face lit up when she saw me and she reassured me that she could remove all the Keratosis, Skin Tags and Fibromas. We have eliminated them and now you can actually see my skin, not just the lesions and I am more confident now in my skin as a result. I sing the praises of the Lamprobe and have referred my family members and friends too who are delighted with the results. The coloured skin types are very prone to these lesions and so are people with insulin resistance, so I have learned. "

  • "I just want to say thank you to you and your staff for going the extra mile for me. All that pampering made me feel so special! I am so impressed! Thank you"

  • "I just want to say a big thank you to you for recommending the Dermaroller treatment to me. In the time that I have been having the treatment done by you at your salon I have seen such a vast improvement in my skin. The wrinkles around my eyes have diminished right down to very fine lines and the congestion which I had on my chin has virtually disappeared. I have been trying all sorts of treatments for ages now but I must say the Dermaroller has worked wonders. My skin texture has improved incredibly and now feels silky soft. With the dry, Highveld winters I usually suffer with a very dry skin but this is the first year that my skin has felt well moisturised. I so often get compliments from others on how great my skin looks. Even the ends of my eyebrows have thickened, so possibly a treatment even balding people should consider having done to stimulate hair follicles ? Thank you again so much."

  • "My skin feels and looks amazing after my facial thank you so much! Massage was also lovely! I think I should end every week at The Skin & Body Clinic."

  • "Having recently undergone both conventional Cryotherapy and Lamprobe therapy for Solar Keratosis, I can certainly recommend Lamprobe Therapy in preference to the conventional treatment. Lamprobe therapy is far more precise and lesion targeted than the usual application of liquid nitrogen to skin lesions. Pain following on treatment was far less and the healing time far quicker with the Lamprobe therapy. The Lamprobe therapy had healed within 5 to 7 days whereas the conventional treatment took over two weeks to heal. During the healing process the Lamprobe treatment was also more aesthetic in appearance than the large 'burn' marks associated with Cryotherapy."

  • "Brilliant service, Janine's made me feel comfortable during my treatment with the lamprobe on my face, hand and arm."

  • "Thank you so much to the team from Janine's Skin and Body Clinic. I love my visits and so does my skin. I can't wait to see you all again soon."

  • "Love love love my visits to Janine's. Best facial ever, come out feeling relaxed and 10 years younger!"

  • "Hi there - just a quick thank you for the awesome facial and the removal of my "horns". My skin feels fantastic and I love the lip/nose wax. I feel like a million dollars."

  • "Love your clinic! You are great, you really put me at ease. I have had some wonderful treatments, a Skin Peel, IPL and Electrolysis."